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SAFE Fleet

At Johnson & Johnson, SAFE Fleet is a mandatory part of your job. Arriving home safe is a top priority. VVCR has been providing us with on-road and on-track training for more than 20 years. Because of our strict and very specific safety policy, VVCR created us a tailor-made package of training modules; from training programmes, to registration, payment and feedback. For new hires we create a risk profile and for our ex-pat colleagues they are introduced to traffic rules in the Netherlands. VVCR has become a trusted training partner and is well known with our employees.


For more than 20 years VVCR has been a reliable and innovative partner.

Camiel Berkhof, SAFE Fleet manager at Johnson & Johnson


What was the challenge?

The challenge is to make Safety a Fun Factor.

What was the objective?

We wanted to make more variance in the courses that we offer to our company drivers. We wanted to make sure all of our staff completes and enjoys the course with the ultimate objective absolute safety and zero injury.

What did VVCR do to solve the problem and meet the challenge?

VVCR has helped J&J by developing a package wherein every driver gets a different training every 2 years. One on the road, one on the track, combined with E-Learning, updates in rules and regulation, or other tips that represent the present time.

The outcome

As a result of implementing a driver training package that actually attracts people we have a very high rate of compliance in following the trainings. This increased the numbers of courses and made more dates available to choose from. Which gives more flexibility in choosing a date, again increases compliance and our ultimate objective, safety!

the key learning

The key learning for us was that involving more parties earlier in the thinking process improves the outcome and implementation of such a programme. By being realistic about your own internal goal, VVCR can think with you for solution. One wise person does not know everything, but together you can think of a possible solution. 

next steps

Working together with VVCR and involved parties to make the Johnson & Johnson SAFE Fleet even more successful. 


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